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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead

Our news media are obsessed.  I feel like I’m watching the Wizard of Oz.  Remember the part where the little people dance around singing “The Wicked Witch is Dead” after they poured water on her to dissolve her evil character.  Bin Laden is part of history, not a part of current events.  We have yet to even completely resolve the story behind the WTO 9/11 disaster.  Just check it out.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but why would the owner collect his insurance twice, how could our security services so badly botched the whole affair?  Why attack Saddam Hussein as a compliant part of the entire affair over bogus WMD?  Does anyone remember that  Saddam was our ally in the Iran-Iraq War after the radical Islamist cleric the Ayatollah Khomeini deposed our own puppet, the Shah?  Does anyone read any history?  Does anyone know that we have more than 800 bases in other countries around the world, many of them located in countries because we pay dictators lots of money to put them there and then turn our backs to their abuses of their own people (there are many, but read up on Kazakhstan, please)?
Now that Bin Laden is dead….  But, wait a darned minute!!  Let’s see, he was living in Pakistan, within blocks of the Paki’s own bases and their version of West Point.  For six years?  That’s six years we spent in Tora Bora and elsewhere trying to find him.  Meanwhile, our “allies” in Pakistan were letting him build a posh compound (worth more than a million and no one noticed), while we were sending them billions, and fighting their own Taliban in Afghanistan while many Paki’s couldn’t even decide if they liked us.  And the entire time we are angering our much more important ally, India.  What an incredibly screwed up state of affairs!!  And now, we need to see real evidence of Osama’s death, not just what the courts call “hearsay” evidence (DNA? Huh?)  We need pictures.  We need real evidence.  The most suspicious part is that, within just a couple of hours of his purported death, he was buried at sea.  That is suspicious to say the least.  Our government’s “reliable sources” have become so suspect over the past few years that you all must forgive me.  Enough said.
Now we get to the real meat of the matter:  Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Afghanistan is the world’s largest heroin producing nation with trillions of dollars worth of mineral reserves, and we are there fighting a mythical enemy and trying to do nation building by backing a corrupt “President” who took power in a completely questionable election process.  We are spending untold billions supporting this nation, many of whom take great satisfaction in placing roadside bombs to kill our soldiers.  So, the mission is bogus, the nation is bogus, and most of our citizens are against this war as much or more than Iraq, another incredible fiasco.  Time for us to leave.  Anyone wish to argue?
This country spends many billions every year on national security, including a CIA which is located all over the world, an NSA which listens to billions of phone conversations every year, and an FBI which has yet to lock up the first corrupt Wall Street Banker.  What do our tax dollars buy?  It took us six years to find Bin Laden living near the capital of our supposed ally.  How sad are we?  Time to fess up.  We need to overthrow our own government just to take our democracy back from the Plutarchs who claim to provide leadership.  We need the Tea Party to complain about actual problems like being taxed and not represented.  When was the last time a poll showed positive ratings for any party, or even our President?  It’s been a while.

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